Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ordinary's just not good enough today

So, after looking so gorgeous today (not really but I tried) the boy wasn't at school and he didn't get to see me...sad face. But I might wear a dress tomorrow and maybe that will be even better. I don't know. So that means that I haven't talked to him yet. And I probably won't until late tonight...since he seems to be somewhat of a night owl. What types of things should I talk to him about? I'm obviously only going to text him and I want to keep the convo going. I seem to a have a problem with keeping them interested because I just don't know what the heck to talk about. So your input would be gladly appreciated.

It seems that I have put all my focus on trying so hard for this boys attention that I have to admit, I have majorly been slacking in the food area. Ice cream and chocolate????? Bad I know. But I have just been craving chocolate bars for the past couple of days. And it is horrible. I didn't eat during school but on the way home my friends persuaded me to buy an ice cream with I did. AND I bought a kinder egg. So bam theres 580 calories. All I need to do is eat nothing else for the rest of the day.

Has anybody else had issues with self harm? I kind of want to post my story on here but I am not sure if you want to hear about it... but if you do I'll write it all up. It would be nice to get my story out. I have never told anyone before so.... yeah let me know.

Oh and thanks for all the support so far. I really appreciate it. And I'll say this again, I DO read your blogs... but I have no idea what to say if I were to comment. So, thats why I hardly comment. Just sayin...


  1. i cut myself quite a lot, but never very deep.
    id be very interested in your story so go on, please!
    when i dont know what to talk about to a guy i always ask him what music he likes. other than being thin, thats one of my main interests. i would recommend you talk to him about something that interests you, otherwise you wont know what to say.

  2. Don't worry lovely, ice cream is ok once in a while, consider it a treat :)
    I think you'll find most girls on here have had issues with self harm, so don't fret about being jugded.
    stay strong! xx

  3. Heyy hun!
    I'm sorry about the icecream ): Friends can be tough to say no to.
    I think you should write up your story about self harm, I'd love to hear it. Plus, it does feel good to get it out even if it's not directly to a person (like, not to their face, you know?)