Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its never too late to be who you might have been

I am not sure if this is even really her? But if it is then its great thinspo right? Shes gorgeous, you got to admit.

I don't even want to eat today. I feel that if I do then I am sabotaging myself. I want to be the best I can be by Monday and that means if I can lose 2 pounds by then, then I will try my darnest. I just have no want in me to eat anything. But, it is the morning and I don't want to say that I plan on eating nothing because if I do, it will be a lie, and I would be lying to everyone. I am going to try to stick to under 200 calories anyways but if it goes to just liquids that's fine.

This guy might actual like me and that is so weird! Looking back on the texts, he tried to ask me to hang out like 3 times yesterday and I said I was busy not even thinking of what his intention was. Like I just wanted the conversation to keep going right? So I would just ask random questions and bam he would go straight to asking what I am doing this day or that day. I didn't even realize it. And my friend is sitting there like omg, he likes you! I was in totally disbelief. Maybe he does, maybe we are just being girls and over analyzing everything and he really doesn't.

We shall see!

Eden xox


  1. maybe we are overanalysing
    but it does sound like he likes u. or at least hes interested and now all u have to do is show him u like him back for it to work.
    good luck!
    and i know how u feel. i just want to starve. but im gonna make myself eat SOMETHING.
    u meetin up with him on monday then?

  2. oooh I bet he does like you. (: good luck today.

  3. Monday is the day. Yep :)
    (if he doesn't ditch, which is always a possibility)