Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not going to stop moving.

I going to go in to super hardcore over drive weight loss mode tomorrow. I swear I am. Hold it to me ladies.

2 4 6 8 diet!!!

I might as well try it out right? And I've already ruined today so I have to try tomorrow. I have been losing my motivation for the past couple of days but I won't let myself slip again. Nope. I need to lose this weight and I need to try so hard for days. I'll go on the 2468 diet until the 30th. That's my goal. To reach keep it going till then, that's all I need. Hopefully a couple pounds will shead by then.

Please keep me motivated!! I will try to keep you all motivated too! I'll post thinspo pictures, music and all that jazz.
Eden xox :)


  1. Nice thinspo! Good luck with the 2468!

    (@WannaBSkinny-- it's eating 200 calories one day, 400 the next, then 600, and 800, then back to the beginning.)

  2. that sounds pretty intresting might have to give it a go! nice thinspo aswell :D

  3. the 2468 will be really great for your metabolism, I hope it goes well!

  4. well done =) stay motivated =) it really helps to focus on the good things.
    i can relate to your last post, completely. however i believe that there is a chance for us to be happy, a will is the way. we can try, at least.
    good luck with the diet. sending you lots of support.