Sunday, April 18, 2010

the best thing ever invented!

These chocolate bars will be my crack! I swear they are sooo good! And guess what? 160 calories!!!

On my break at work I searched around a store for ten minutes just looking at the calories on everything! And I found these and got them. I was so happy too because I didn't ruin anything for myself. I didn't eat the orange so my calorie intake for today was 230. Which I don't think is bad at all!

My sister made dinner when I got home so I just took it upstairs, did some chew and spit and threw the rest out.

I walked to and from work.

For eating only 230 calories I feel fucking fantastic!

It won't last I'm sure but I'm going to be glad for the moment.

You can do it too girls!!! I'm sending skinny vibes your way!

Eden xox


  1. wow great job and that's not much ! :O
    i'll go to the grocery store tomorrow and i'll try to find something that beats that ! even though i probably wont haha

  2. thanks for the skinny vibes
    well done girl ur doin good =)
    u should be proud.
    u know the saying "if i eat something ill eat everything so i eat nothing"
    thats how i feel about sweets like that. they are filling but if i have one ill have 10 =( so ill jst eat my veggies

  3. "if i eat something ill eat everything so i eat nothing"

    I feel that way about every food!

    I've never heard that quote but I like it a lot.