Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mmmm yeah so I am think that I am totally overreacting about the whole thing. Like, ya sure I should be mad. Like I have been excited to hang out with him all week. Hoping that maybe, just maybe things would be different this time. That all my friends who said "I don't trust him, he looks like a dick" would be wrong and that I would be living proof of how amazing this boy could be. But Life hates me.

Instead of dwelling on how alone I felt. I just masked it. Or, my body did all the masking for me because I didn't even need to try to pretend that I wasn't feeling anything because I really wasn't. I still can't feel any sort of emotion. I got majorly high last night, totally tripped out to the point where I didn't even know where the fuck I was. I still kind of feel that way now, which is really scaring me. Like who takes a shower and FORGETS to wash their hair?!?! Like what the hell did I do in the shower for 10 minutes and not wash my hair? Oh, and don't text the guy you like when your tripping out because it is so confusing. Um yeah, you probably don't want to hear about all this. You probably think I'm some sort of a druggy.

My teeth hurt so bad. I feel like I have lost my mind. HOW AM I GOING TO GO TO SCHOOL AND WORK!! HOW WILL I FUNCTION!!

Its scarier than you think.

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  1. i get high sometimes so your not a druggy in my eyes.
    anyway, im curious about that text you sent him? hmm... =D