Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I wish I wasn't irrational about things. Do you ever get really upset over something that you just assume is going bad, but you really don't know and then things turn out fine and and you regret ever being upset. Ya, I feel that way about my entire life.

I regret cutting fat and ugly on my legs. Because what if a person sees those? What will they think? "Wow, shes got issues"
Something that seems so overwhelming at the moment can turn out fine. But you never want to wait to see if it turns out okay.

In a book I read once it said that when he was a kid, his dad would tell him to finish his plate because kids are starving in Africa but you shouldn't say that. Because it doesn't change the fact that your too upset to finish your plate.

Saying it will all turn out okay can't take away the fact that it isn't right now. It won't change anything.

So, I never tell people kids are starving in Africa.

I think I am ranting. But I just wanted to post something, cause I feel bad that everyone is still struggling and I have nothing good to say. I don't have a scale but I know I am starving.

My stomach won't let me eat anything.

Which is a good thing. For now.


  1. i know exactly what you mean.
    i get really upset about sumthing and the it turns out fine, its a really annoying habit of mine
    i hope u feel better soon, im glad ur not struggling with food though

  2. i have 'fat' twice on my thighs .. it doesn't go away.
    everyone knows i have issues. my hands have burn marks on them. my wrists have 3 stars burned into them.
    i haven't regretted it yet.

  3. I have a line of cigarette burns going down my left wrist. You can't worry about what others think, just because you can't physically see their problems, doesn't mean they aren't there.