Monday, May 3, 2010

Missing something.

It is beautiful outside today, and I realized that for the first time, I actually miss wearing shorts, and being able to go swimming. Like of course seeing my legs in short shorts would be a horrible sight, and me in a bathing suit would be 5 times worse... but I don't even get a chance to wear those things because of the scars running up and down my legs. It's been two years and I just finally feel that loss.

Also, how can one slice of pizza be 1000 calories!! I went to Pizza Pizza today at lunch and the slice I had turns out to be 1000 calories! Hot damn. I never win. I did probably work off 400 of those calories.... but still. I just want to be able to say no to every single type of food because the thought of the flippin calories is horrible.

I will say this yet again my dear friends, I am dying without my scale!! None of this even is worth it without knowing if I am losing.

Im about to go grocery shopping... not looking forward to that at all.

Eden xox


  1. sorry to hear about the shorts thing hun. i'd recomend a skirt with some dark or patterned tights would about cover.
    always check that stuff online before going out to eat. ;)
    grocery shopping is inevitable. if you take time to look at the food, it's usually a good thing. like if you're to pick out a generaly calorific food, if you're there you can compaire brands to find out which is less. whereas if you don't you're stuck with whatever insane fat food people will buy for you. own grocery shopping, don't let it own you. goodluck.
    staystrong, page.

  2. duuuuuude what kind of pizza was that?? jesus!! wow :O

  3. OMG SWEET JESUS!!! I totally effed up on that whole calorie pizza thing. It definetly was NOT 1000 calories.... ahaha I took the calories of the WHOLE pizza. Its only about 250 calories. WOW, WAY TO GIVE MYSELF A HEARTATTACK.

  4. haha I'm glad the pizza slice wasn't 1,000 calories after all!