Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ohh! I was tagged in a blog (Mia H) and I get to answer questions! This seems fun and I'm excited! :D

1. What is your number one dream in life?

My biggest dream was to eventually move to Ireland or England and live in a secluded house and just live a happy life. Hmm, maybe I just want to live without restrictions. Like obviously my looks are a restriction right now. If I was just perfect I think everything would just be so much better. Maybe I just dream that I can live the life that I want. To be able to do all the things I ever dreamed of. To be able to live that long to get a chance to do that.

2. What one thing depresses you most (other than being fat)?

I am trying to find a good answer to that but I can't. The only thing I can put a name on it is other people. Other people depress the hell out of me. They seem to be the one thing that can just suck the life out of me if they say or do something. Or sometimes there wouldn't be a specific thing, I would just snap and go into a depressed state. Nothing would really trigger it.

3. If you were running out of your burning house, which one item would you grab and take with you? Why?
My cell phone, which sounds really sad that I can't live without my phone but I need it, so I can text everyone telling them my house was burning down ahah. If I was sleeping naked (which I never do) I would would definitely get clothes or something. I am terrified of dying naked. I don't know why.

4. Name 3 music bands you really like.

I like hip hop/rap/ club music, screaming/alternative/ punk aaannnndd... oldies, like Bruce Springsteen and the smiths. Any song that has a weird sort of vibe, I dig it.

5. Is there one question that you have asked yourself day after day and can't seem to get the answer? What is it?

Hmm.... I'm usually just plain confused about everything. But the thing that I seem to ask everyday is "Does everyone else see what I see?". Like has anyone heard the thing were the colour blue that you see might not be the colour blue that other people see. Well what if what you see isn't how other people are seeing it. Do they feel the way I feel? I don't know if that makes sense...but ya.

6. What is your favourite weather? Why?

I like the fall. I don't know why but the whole Halloween feel and the leaves on the ground is my favourite. I don't like the winter so much or the summer. I am not a summer fan at all.

7. Are you addicted to anything or think you might be? What is it?

I used to be majorly addicted to cutting like you all know but at the moment, nothing. I just know I have a very addictive personality. If I knew where to get heroin, I'd probably be addicted to that.

I hope that answers your questions!!

My mom told me I look like I am losing weight today... that doesn't make me feel any better. I need to know how much I weigh!! Godamn I need a scale.

I had a fantastic day today. I didn't try hard to do anything and then plans just fell right into my hands. This seems to be happening a lot lately. I just establish what I need to do and what is important and then it happens. Its messed. I hope this means the good is coming.
I want to answer more questions!!! Please post a comment asking me anything!!! This is fun.


  1. i can relate to a lot of your answers:
    other people can depress me out of nowhere. i can only find peace when im alone.
    also, i love autumn. fallen leaves are beautiful.
    but what baffled me the most is the question you ask yourself is the one i would have given as an answer! i was really shocked. do you know the saong "how does it feel" by avril lavigne? sometimes i listen to it and think about what other people see and feel. because after all, humans are blind. even if we try to be open towards other peoples feelings, we can never quite see past our own soul. it makes me feel like we are all so self-centred. =(

  2. "we can never quite see past our own soul"

    wow, I never really thought about it like that. maybe we never were meant to? Its just weird.

    I remember being a kid and driving past cows on a farm and thinking "how come I can't see what they see? why can I only see what I see and not what the cows see." Ever since then I have been asking the same damn question...just not with cows.