Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tomorrow please come sooner!

Today was one of those off days where you just want it to be over because it just seems so dysfunctional. I need to start over again. I want to take the diet pills that I have left over in my room, try those suckers up again. But, they might not work. I have used the same type of diet pills on and off since last summer... and when I was taking them last time they didn't really work. Does your body get used to the diet pills and make them useless? It seems that way for me but I might as well try them again. Even if its just a couple pounds.

Does anyone know any good foods that are super healthy (and low calorie of course) but they fill you up so you don't go and eat more food? I need some more ideas because nothing seems to fill me up.

For some reason I have been craving tuna. I usually don't like tuna but for half a can its 60 calories, and that seems to be filling. Maybe get some salmon too, I have never eaten salmon in my life but it looks good.

I think my taste buds are changing because I have been wanting to eat foods that I usually would never want.

I have been exercising a lot. Plus walking uphill to school and back (takes me an hour one way) seems to be doing me well. And I have some turbo jam dvds. I really want to jump on them soon.

The comments really help. I get on here feeling like a complete failure and then I see people have commented and it makes me smile. I always read all of your blogs and I always want to comment but sometimes I just don't know what to say, but I read them. Always. They keep me motivated for sure!

Eden xox.



  1. You'll feel better tomorrow I'm sure :)
    Stay happy and positive and you'll reach your first goal in no time :)
    Keep the exercise up and stay strong!!

  2. half an avocado (120 calories or so) does the trick. its really filling i think. also, a whole cucumber has only around 15 calories so you can eat a whole lot of those until you feel like you're bursting. i personally love cucumber so thats perfect for me. have a look under the veggies. not so much fruits though, they tend to have more calories.
    stay strong =)

  3. I'm the type that's into cereal and lately I've been eating Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puff. You definitely need to have some sort of sweetener but it's 70 calories for 1 cup, which is pretty amazing for cereal. Try it with some skim milk and splenda and it's amazing. Give it a try.

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  5. are cucumbers only 15 calories?? i thought half was 35 :/

    when i eat to much cucumber i feel like throwing up haha i get sick of it

  6. On (best place ever) it says for a 8-1/4" cucumber its 45 calories.

  7. well thanks for that, guys. i didnt know cucumber had that many calories.
    i did some research and our cucumber here are not that heavy and big. i didnt know you had such long cucumbers. well, u learn something new every day.
    well ill just count 35 just in case. but either way you can have quite a lot of it without having to feel guilty. its like 90% water or something. except it tastes better than water to me.