Friday, March 19, 2010

Sick of eating too much.

So my friend's party went well the first night...well sorta. If you call drinking so much your passed out by 11pm and puking your brains out good. I hope I puked up my dinner that night. I'd like to tell myself I did. The next night I wasn't aware we were drinking again and I just couldn't handle it. The more they gave me the more sick I thought I was going to be so I turned in early again. But the second night I thought I was going to make good choices and eat good whether or not I was drunk. I think I did horrible but it could have been worse.

Today I went out with my mom and walked around downtown a bit. Then we took a bus back up town, went to a drug store and I got some vitamins that help with weight loss. I am excited about that.
My mom doesn't care about buying me weight loss anything. She always buys my diet pills too. Maybe more about my mother another day...
What I am not excited about was the fact that we went to a diner and had lunch. Now, when you order food that this diner they really pile the food on the plate. I wish I had not eaten but I did. I walked a lot but I don't think it helped anything. I'd like to say that I won't eat anything else for the rest of the day but I probably will. If I do, it will only be brussel sprouts. I have to limit myself to that. And yes, I actually do love brussel sprouts.

I forced myself to look at the scale and I have gained. Maybe like 3 pounds. That is horrible. I haven't looked at the scale in a while but I hope that this weekend I can get back on track.

Too much partying.

Too much eating.

Eden xox

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