Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yesterday up until about 7pm I would say, was good. I ate, but I ate well. Toasted tomato sandwich with cucumber and celery on the side and for dinner I ate a salad with not drinking anything but tea all day. Good right? I wasn't not eating but I wasn't eating bad.

So after around 7pm everyone came over. And when these people come over they like to eat (it may have something to do with the pot they smoke) and so I join too. And all the good work of eating good goes straight of the fucking door.

Along with a lot of random food I ate smarties and shepherds pie. Food that I NEVER wanted to ingest.

And today is a friends birthday party. This is going to be a DISASTER!!!! I know for a fact I'll drink too much and smoke too much and EAT TOO MUCH.

Eden xox

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