Monday, March 29, 2010

My world is expanding as my butt is shrinking.

Today was hectic. No doubt. Don't you love days where your nerves are all in a jumble because you have something important, oh say a job interview and then gradually leading up to the job interview things start to blow up and bam bam bam you start to get all anxious and shit and your heart beat too fast. I have anxiety problems so although this doesn't happen a lot, when it does its like bam. People bring up shit that you don't want them to bring up and it gets really awkward and you feel like crying and then that settles and someone gets all confrontational and you don't like when that happens and that makes you want to cry. And then you gotta be all lovely for a job interview. YAY!!!

So, ya. I think my interview did go well. I don't have any complaints. They might call me back in a couple of days. Pray for me that I get this job or at least keep your skinny little fingers crossed!
My sister works at a clothing store that is all fashionesta clubbing sexy clothes. And I stayed there for a while after my interview and I tried on a pair of pants and a really nice top. Now, I have been wearing a size 11 pants. I was wearing these size pants when I weighed about 180 pounds. Since them I have lost 30 pounds but I have never bought new pants because I'm like, you know, dirt poor. So I tried on size 9 and they fit freaking perfect! It was pretty darn exciting to know that I am in the single digits. Although I may have been there for months, it is nice to have some conformation, you know? And if I get this job I may have to treat myself to some new clothes. Oh by the way the shirt that I tried on made me look super skinny, and that's always good.

I have been working out and keeping my calories down under 800 calories and today the scale wasn't too bad. It wasn't fabulous but at least I wasn't (more) of a fat whale. I'm going to try to keep this going as long as I can because I deserve to be skinny. And you all do too!!!!

Eden xox



  1. aww i love when that happens ! :D
    i'm not sure what size 9 is cause the sizes here are i guess european .. their 36,38,40,42

    i wanna be a 36 og 38 .. i know i'll be skinny and sooo good looking in a 36 but i've got football thighs i'm not sure i can do it =)

  2. Yeah our sizes are like 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1, 0, 00.

    its weird :P