Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good day... I think?

So I just finished off one of my binge and purge sessions. Pasta with chicken and cheese and garlic bread. Yum. I couldn't eat it all but I hopefully puked it all up. I can still feel the "high" I get after purging. I use these happy feelings to get things accomplished. Like homework and this blog!
Besides the binge and purge dinner, I ate:

Special K Blueberry cereal (170)
2 Source yogurts (70)
and some cheese (100)

which is a grand total of dun dun duuunnnn : 340 calories!!!

I think that's pretty darn fantastic, and since it was a late binge I probably won't eat for the rest of the day.

I hope I can keep this up tomorrow.

I'm kind of scared to look at the scale in the morning. Should I even bother? I probably will...

I was also watching some fashion television before and kind of during my binge and watching that stuff is really cool. I love to watch all these models wear these fabulous creations and how much fashion runs people's lives. I would love to be a model, but I probably couldn't, I've got tattoos and not to mention fat.

All of these people just seem to love their careers and I hope to one day be so successful.

Yes. Good day.

Eden xox.

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