Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not a fantastic post .

I have been a little hesitant on posting a blog because I haven't seen any major change and I don't have anything good to say.

I haven't weighed myself in a week because I know that there is probably no change at all and if it happens to have gone up I would be so disappointed in myself. So I probably won't look at the scale till Monday morning.

Today I worked out a lot. I went for a run with my dog and I pushed myself further than I usually would only because I am desperate for something to change. I need to work out more and I need to sweat more. It is suppose to rain tomorrow so I am not sure about going for a run but I'll just have to go extra with Turbo Jam.

I would like to say that I am keeping my eating down to almost nothing but... that's not the case. I have been eating really healthy, low calorie things but I just seem to eat to much. So tomorrow I am going to keep working at it and see what it does to me on Monday.

Eden xox.

P.s I always kind of wanted to be a ballet dancer. I suck at dancing and try to avoid it at all costs but if I lose a lot of weight, ballet dancing would definitely be something I would love to do.



  1. i know what you mean. ballet dancers are so elegant and look like they're floating. i want to learn hip hop or funky when ive lost weight, but if i start now ill feel like im wobbling rather than dancing. im sure uve lost weight, not gained. i often feel like ive gained because i ate healthy stuff but lots of it and i normally turn out to lose after all.
    stay strong, dear, ur doin great! xx

  2. Definitely. They're something graceful and beautiful about ballet dancers. I say that you should learn, even if you don't want to show anyone now, so that you can show them when you're as thin as you want to be. I understand what you're saying about the scale though. Hopefully we'll both see what we want on Monday :)