Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pizza Meltdown

Blueberry Special K (170)
Vegetable Soup (125)
Crackers (90)
1 1/2 Grapefruit (100)
Sugar (with tea and the grapefruit) (40)
Yogurt (35)
Blueberry Fritter (330) (!!!!!)

Grand Total : 890 :(

I feel bad with just that total! And the big bummer of the evening: I thought even though around 900 calories it not over my main goal (which is to stay under 1000 calories a day) it soon will be because not even twenty minutes ago the people in my house were screaming about PIZZA. Goddamn. Why must everything be ruined. I know that is the pizza is there I will eat it and there is no possible way that if I take just one tiny piece it will be the end of it. I already know that this will be a disaster and there is no possible way that I can purge it all up because there will be people here and there is no private place for me to blow my guts out without anyone hearing.

I feel like a total fucking failure, and I haven't even eating the pizza yet!!

I also have some other worries about tomorrow. This is the last day of march break so tomorrow it will be back to school. And I am not even worried about the homework that I neglected to do all week. I am worried about lunch and the fact that I won't be able to sit at that lunch table with all my friends while they are sitting their eating tons of glorious food. Not that I have the money to go out and buy the lovely food.

So, my plan for tomorrow is:

(B) Fruitloops (160) and a tea (I don't bother counting calories on tea, its healthy, whats the point)
(L) Water (0) Grapefruit (~60)
and dinner I will find out when I get there.

Eden xox



  1. I used to lie and tell my friends that I've decided to become a vegetarian in order to get out of eating with them. Gradually more foods got thrown out of my list of "acceptable foods" until those friends simply began to accept my newly found status as a "health nut".

    It worked for me. Maybe it could work for you?

  2. Maybe I should. Everyone I know eats meat like a whore. And if I didn't than its less food for me.

  3. why does everybody get yogurt for under 50 cal? you don't get a small can of yogurt for under 130cal here ! so that's kinda a nono food or me !

  4. Most of the yogurts I find are under 100 calories. Very nice :)