Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fat is overrated.

Skinny people do not know how good they have it. They really don't. People say that girls today are dieting too much and trying to attain an unattainable beauty but the people who usually say that are already skinny and have never had to be almost 200 pounds and have never had to be limited because of their weight. So heck yes we are going to diet too much and attain what we think is beauty in our eyes. It is the only way for some of us because we can't stand to look at ourselves and see anything beautiful. By doing this we may actually have a chance. Am I right or does this seem like bullshit? Because it seems pretty damn plausible to me.

"I'd rather starve than be fat."

I have been in an empty state today. In more ways than one. I have been completely emotionless all day. Not anything close to being content and not being the type of sad that makes you stay in bed all day. In between. Just here. And I have literally ate less than 500 calories today and worked some it off plus my daily dose of diet pills.

And I wouldn't mind being in this state for awhile because I was hardly hungry. I wasn't snacking on food that I didn't need. I had to force myself to work out but I at least did it. I also did so many chores today. I didn't even complain or sulk like I usually do because I am the only one in the house who cooks, cleans and takes out the garbage. Yes, there are 3 grown adults who live in my house plus me and I am the one who does all of this. But I did all of these things without a complain. I wanted to keep myself busy for some reason.

I have a job interview tomorrow. It not a great job. But it is a job at least and I need the money. I am sick of being the person who can't do things because I have no money. So wish me good luck. I'll probably be a nervous wreck but I think I am way over qualified for this job so I should do fine.

I wish everyone good luck on their weight loss journeys and I know just as well as you that everyday is a struggle but we must keep pushing forward my darlings! We will be beautiful. We will be skinny. And we will be fabulous!

Eden xox



  1. I completely agree. The few times I've had discussions about dieting have been with my very very petite friend. And she simply said, "it's whatever. I eat what I want, when I want." I was like Jesus, do you know how lucky you are to feel that way?! It drives me crazy. Oh and good luck with your job interview! (:

  2. I'm loving the diagram! How true it is~ But it is true what you say about thin people who never have to worry about what they eat. I seem to surround myself around them but I guess I should see it as thinspiration (although spitefully).

    Good luck with your interview! :)

  3. i agree .. we have to diet ! and well i actually like dieting .. ofcourse i wouldn't mind just being skinny to begin with but it's kinda fun to see yourself acomplish something