Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sex Dream

(This post does talk about sex, and me, and can be a little personal. so beware)

Okay so this is what I remember about my dream last night:

I had a little sister (but I don't in real life) and me and her went to this boys house. There were like 3 or 4 boys who actually lived in the house. And in my dream it was the middle of the night when we went to this boys house. So my little sister was a virgin. One of the boys (all of them were my age 19ish) was interested in my little sister and wanted to have sex with her. So i let him. She thought she was more than ready and really really wanted to. At some point the guy that was interested in her was in his boxers and wanted me to feel his penis. It was huge....just saying. Then they went and had sex. At the same time there was a really cute boy interested in having sex with me. And I was so down for it. But he kept putting it off and i kept losing him. at one point he was sleeping in the other guys bedroom and i had to wake him up. So it was around early morning now because I spent all night trying to hangout with him. so when we actually had sex...he lasted for three seconds. very disappointing. then me and my little sister left, and i think there were train tracks or something.

It was a really intense dream and i remember the feelings like i was actually there.

Maybe i should add some of the context about my life that might influence this dream:

people have told me im addicted to sex. for many reasons. i dont disagree.

everyone i can have sex with live in a different city than me (i moved far away for university) so i have no one to release my sexual frustration to.

i miss it.

At this point I think that sex does have a big influence in my whole life. Since I had the dream i think about it a lot. with past sexual partners. because thats all i can do here. is THINK about it. i can't actually DO anything

Its a big problem for me and my dreams are not helping.

Love, Eden xoxo

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